“We’re sorry girls, we know it’s hot-waffle day, but we’re not allowed to make them for you this week. We’ll be in the living room if you have any questions.”

Ok, so we don’t really know how to do this yet. Do we answer any question they have? Do we show them what they don’t know how to do? I started thinking out loud to my husband. “I don’t think we’re supposed to do anything. The whole goal of this week is to see what they do, to see what happens when we do nothing for them. Then we’ll know where they’re really at and what we need to work on.” I was talking myself into it too.

In the kitchen was tears, laughing, crying, fighting, whining, and general disbelief. Fenner (11) with tears in her eyes, “Mom, do we have too much Bisquick in the bowl? Because it looks like too much!” And Ellen (8) despondent, “Mom, why won’t you help us?!” And Charlotte (6), “Argh, they won’t let me do anything!!!!”

Yes, yes, this is why we need to do this. All of this that we’re seeing right now. And then the ray of hope: Ellen who usually needs her waffle to be just so, sat down in front of the small, misshapen, semi-dry waffle that she had made herself, and quietly ate the whole thing.

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