Tuesday: a new day

I came downstairs at 7am just in time to see Fenner and Ellen run outside toward the bus stop. On the dining table was a note:

At 8am Charlotte was still asleep and I emailed her teacher to say that she might miss another day. But 15 minutes later, here she comes down the stairs all dressed. She was singing to herself as she made her own lunch! I went out to wait in the car and here she comes with her backpack and coat on and everything. She was 30 minutes late for school, but what a transformation over yesterday! Before she got out of the car, she said, “Oh, darn. I forgot my mittens. Oh well. Bye mom!”

After school Fenner said, “Charlotte, you actually went to school today? But what about your lunch?” She says, “Yeah! Yesterday I didn’t know how to do it, but today I figured it out!”

I’m stunned.

It’s not all roses yet though. When it was time to take Fenner to riding I said, “When everyone’s ready in the car, I’ll take you to riding.” And she did *not* take kindly to being at the mercy of her sisters in order to get to her lesson on time. *Very* crabby. But she got over it.

They go back and forth between liking this and hating it.

Bedtime was pretty uneventful. They stayed up until 10pm. At one point, Charlotte started following me around, trying to grab the book I was reading and I had to go in our bedroom and lock the door. Then she stopped.

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