Friday: morning time

Fenner woke me up at 6:45. “Hi Mom. Um…you know those jean shorts?…I put them in the laundry pile, and now they’re not there.” “Hmm,” I said. “I did do daddy’s and my laundry, but I didn’t move them.” “Well, where should I look?” “I have no idea.” “Uhh! You don’t help us anymore!!” Stomp, stomp, stomp.

I got up and got dressed and went downstairs. It occurred to me to take a quick video to show Jerry when he gets back:

Notice Fenner taking on the motherly role with Ellen!

(I really wanted to take a video of Charlotte, but she loves the camera and it would be a huge distraction.  Maybe later…)

Today I could have easily worked from home, so I found myself almost hoping Charlotte would blow off school again. (I got so much done on Wednesday!) But then at 8am I heard her come down the stairs.  She was fully dressed and looked me in the eye very serious and said, “Where is my backpack! We have to get it, because I have to be right on time today!” “Hmm,” I said. Say nothing, do nothing? I could feel myself slipping. She wants to go to school! She wants to be on time! How can I not help her? So I did. I couldn’t help myself. I did a mini-save. I said, “Here is your black backpack, and I keep the extra lunch boxes under there.” And then I walked away.

I stood in the mudroom listening. She was talking to herself softly: “Ooooo, I have to get my lunch ready and I’m moving too slowly and I don’t know what to do about it! … ok …. I got it …. READY! … Hmm … it’s a sunny day today, I think I don’t need a coat. … Let’s go.”

We got in the car and I waited quietly for her to put on her seat belt before I started the engine. She sat in silence for about a minute and then said, “The birds sound very close, maybe they’re in the bird house we put up!” Another minute went by. “Well … maybe I will bring a coat.” She went inside and came back. “Ok, mom, let’s … Oh!” She reached for her seat belt…click. “Ok, let’s go.” And we did.

As we pulled up to the school she said, “Mom, am I really late?” “Not too bad,” I said. “Only fifteen minutes. Remember on Tuesday you were 30 minutes late, but today only fifteen.” She stood up and struggled to get her little black fleece backpack on. I glanced back to see that she had put it on upside down. I bit my tongue. At least the top flap was holding her lunchbox in … barely… “Bye mom!’ she said, and then to herself, “Errr, I can’t believe I forgot my back pack!” And then she ran into school, greasy hair flying out behind her.

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