Friday night

Again, lots of TV. And Charlotte’s bath is not happening. On Friday I usually give them all a small allowance. I gave it to Ellen and Fenner and then Charlotte tried to take hers and I said, “Yes, it’s yours, as soon as you take a bath.” She frowned and then kept on playing. I don’t think it’s going to work. Hmm…what will it take?

Ah-ha! At 9:30pm she asked for the mini video camera (she loves to take videos of the cats). I said, “Yes! As soon as you take a bath.” She said “Awww! Ok … mom, do you want to meet me there? … Aw, the water’s cold! Let’s make this fast!” And when it was done, she said, “That bath, wasn’t so bad. Ok, mom, where is my allowance and the camera!”

Done. Phew. Now, when are they ever going to decide to go to bed?! I might have to turn in before they do!

… 11pm and finally everyone’s in bed. Charlotte fell asleep on the couch and Jerry just carried her up. Everyone is tired, but there also seems to be a slightly elevated mood in the house. I’ll call it cautious optimism….

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