Tuesday again

This morning Fenner and Ellen rallied again to catch the bus. A cold walk and close to an hour-long ride! Jerry pulled me aside and asked if he should offer to drive them to the bus stop. “No. They don’t have to do this, you know, they can get a ride with me. So let’s treat them like they can handle it.” And sure enough, off they went.

Soon Charlotte came down all dressed. “Where’s Fenner and Ellen?” “They took the bus again.” “Aw, so my alarm clock’s not working.” “Oh, I didn’t know you wanted to take the bus. Tonight we’ll change your alarm clock to bus time.” “Ok, but do it for way before bus time because it kind of takes me a long time to get dressed.”

Then she said, “Mom, do you have to make my lunch?” “No!” I said with a big smile. “Because now I know you can do it!“ She smiled back and went to work on her lunch. “Mom, am I late?” “Nope!” I said. She continued getting ready and she was so fast that before I knew it, she was standing in the mudroom, coat and back pack on, waiting for ME!

After school Ellen finally washed her hair. No trick on my part. She just finally did it.

One more tidbit: At riding, Fenner checked the schedule and walked over toward me. I could tell by her body language that she was not happy. “Hi.” I said. “I don’t want to ride Daisy.” Her face was full of anxiety and she looked on the verge of tears. “Hmm. I don’t have any power to change that. You’ll have to ask Kaley or Sally. You’ve asked to switch before and they said yes, right?” She nodded, but was still holding back the tears. I said nothing and walked over to where I usually sit and watch. She slowly made her way over to the riding ring where the teacher was finishing an earlier lesson. She stood there waiting for the teacher to notice her. I thought to myself: Oh, why can’t she just march over and use her strong voice and say, “Hey Kaley, is there any other horse I could ride besides Daisy?” I mean, it’s just a question, a perfectly reasonable question. But she just stood there, kicking at the dirt until the teacher addressed her, “What’s up?” “Um … I don’t want to ride Daisy…” She said in a tiny voice. They talked for a minute and then Fenner came over to me. “So…what did you decide?” “I’m going to ride Brickle,” she said, and flopped down in the chair next to me.

Note to self: Add “Ask for what you want” to the list of needed life skills.

P.S. As I was going to bed, it occurred to me that no one had even asked to watch TV all day. Interesting….

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