Thursday am

This morning I woke to the sound of the shower in the girls bathroom. What? I thought. Someone motivated to shower and didn’t even ask for my help to get the temp just right? How many times during these 12 weeks will I say the word “wow”? Apparently many, many times…

6:50 — once again I hear voices downstairs, “C’mon, c’mon, hurry …. we have to go …. Bye! We’re leaving!” Fenner and Ellen gone to school. My role in that: zippo.

6:55 — “Mom?! … Am I in time to get the bus?” says Charlotte. “Umm, well the bus comes in twenty minutes, so if you’re ready in 10, you should be ok.” She starts hustling and I realize that she might actually make it. I had promised to walk up with her the first time, so I start hustling too (at that point I was still in my robe!)

7:05 — “Ready!” “Wow! Ok, let’s go.” We start walking up the hill together.

7:10 — We’re approaching the top of the hill when we hear a bus-like sound. I crane by neck just in time to see the top of the bus pull over, and then go again … away from us. “What? Is that the bus already? It can’t be. It’s too early!” But it was. I looked at Charlotte, bracing myself for what might be coming. But she still had a bit of a smile. “Charlotte. The bus came early. You made another good effort, but it came early and that’s just bad luck. So we’re learning. Now we know that we have to be early in case the bus is early.” At that she actually laughed. “So now that you’re all ready would you like to be super early to school? I can take you in super early.” “Yeah.” “Ok, well I have to go get ready because now you’re all ready and I’m not ready so I better go get ready!” She laughed again and said, “Mom, take the short cut!” “Thanks!” I said and started a fast walk down the hill.

7:20 — At the house I went inside to quickly get dressed for work and listened for Charlotte who I assumed was doing a slow walk behind me. But when I finished dressing I still hadn’t heard her come in so I figured she must have stopped to play in the yard.

7:30 — I don’t see Charlotte anywhere. I get in the car and drive slowly up the driveway looking all around. I thought, oh my gosh, is she waiting for me up at the bus stop? And as I drove up the hill I suddenly saw her tiny head appear and then the rest of her. She was holding a long stick that she had been using to draw in the dirt while she waited. Her face still looked peaceful. I stopped and opened the side door. “Ok, hop on the mom bus!”

“Thanks, mom,” she said. And happily put on her seatbelt.

I’d say my morning routine has been, as Calvin of Calvin&Hobbes would say, transmorgrified.


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2 Comments on “Thursday am”

  1. Vicki Says:

    I can’t help it. I know I should just read your posts, BUT, I am so happy hearing about the tranmorphing…… going on in your house that I just had to write. Well, I didn’t have to, but I wanted too and so I am.

    This is how it was for me. I loved, loved, loved being amazing at what my children could do and would do. But what I loved more, was NOT being amazed anymore by what they could do and would do.

    Enjoy and know that one snoopy lady in Middlebury is enjoying and savoring every single word you write – as are her children.

    • flockmother Says:

      No, I love hearing from you! Comment as much as you’d like! Writing these posts is good therapy for me. šŸ™‚

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