Thursday continued

Charlotte jumped right in the car to go to karate. After class I made myself do nothing to help while she changed out of her uniform and got ready to go. That was hard in the face of, “Mom, where’s my bag? … I can’t find my pants.” Then she left her socks in the bathroom. I bit my tongue as long as I could and then moved toward the door to go wait outside. Charlotte looked at me and said, “Mom, what are ya doin’, you stinky head?!” That was definitely my cue to leave. (Especially because she said that right in front of some other parents. Geez.) “I’m going to wait in the car.” I sat there and watched her come out without her uniform bag. “Got everything?” I said. “Yep, let’s go,” she said as she buckled her seat belt. “You’re sure?…You’ve got everything?” I could not drive away without that uniform. “Awwwwww!!!” she groaned and got out and stomped her way back in to get it.

From there we swung back by Sloane’s to pick up Fenner and Ellen and headed home. About halfway home I said, “Charlotte? Where’s your back pack?” “Uhhh … it’s …. at … home?” “No,” said Fenner. “It can’t be.” Charlotte scrunched up her face and hit her forehead with her palm, “Oh!!! It’s at Sloane’s!” “That was tricky,” I said. “Because you were already in the car so it was hard to remember that you didn’t already have it.” “Now I have to use my spare back pack again!”

At home, Fenner showed off her make-a-plate that had arrived at school. “Where’s my make-a-plate?” said Charlotte, “rrrrrgggh, it’s in my back pack! … And there’s something else in my back pack I really need!!!!!!!!!” her voice escalated into a pre-sobbing wail. “It’s the surprise bag from schhooooool, and I’m supposed too have it back tomooooorroooowwwww, it’s my ooonly chaaaaaaaaaaance to hhaaaee dee pllleesss the mmaaaaaaa……!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Her words dissolved into unintelligible sobs. Ellen covered her ears and looked at me with a pained expression. Then she said, “Charlotte, you can just do the surprise bag on Monday!” The crying softened a bit. “Charlotte, I can write to your teacher and ask her if Monday would be ok … except…oh, it’s vacation next week.” The crying intensified again. “Well…” I offered, “I think it’ll be ok, you’ll just have all vacation to decide what to put in it!” She kept crying, but not quite as hard. I went upstairs.

Jerry came down the hall. “This is hard,” he said. “I can drive to Sloane’s and get her back pack.” I stared at him. “Absolutely not! Have you learned nothing?!” I said with a smile and swatted him with the laundry I was holding. Ten minutes later Charlotte was happily singing to herself and playing with the cats. “Well, she got over that!” said Jerry.

At dinner time Fenner wanted a quesadilla so I said, “How about you make it this time?” “But last time I burned it and I don’t want that again.” “Ok, so now you know not to cook it so long.” “Ok.” Then Jerry chimed in, “Are you using that pan?” “Yeah, is that ok?” “Yeah, that’s fine. … um you have to … make sure you turn it all the way until it clicks.” The burner lit with a large puff of flame. “Yeah, see? That’s why because you put out extra gas if you don’t turn it all the way…Ok! That’s all I’m going to say.” He put his hands up and walked away. “Got the safety issue taken care of?” I said. “Got the safety issue taken care of, now I’m going to sit and have my supper and Fenner, you can do the rest.” “But … but … how do I flip it?” “You figure it out,” he said and looked over at me. “But I can’t! I don’t know how?!” “Can you just use the spatula?” I said. “No! I don’t know!…Dad, can you just flip it for me?” “Fenner, what’s the worst that could happen?” I asked. “I might do it wrong, or drop it!” “Drop it back in the pan? You won’t be holding it over the floor.” “Well it might flop over halfway and all the cheese falls out!” “Yeah, but that’s ok!” said Jerry. “Ok, how about if dad stands right next to you and gives you some pointers and you do the flipping?” I said. Then Ellen chimed in, “I held onto Nana’s shirt while I was flipping pancakes because I was doing it so bad.” “Did that help?” asked Jerry. “Yeah.”

Jerry got up and stood next to Fenner. “Ok, now you take the pan…you take it…own the pan…own that pan! … Ok now throw it up in the air!” Fenner held the pan with both hands. She was smiling and her eyes were wide. “Ok, ok … aah!!!” It slid halfway out of the pan. “Ok, try again.” She gave it more muscle. It slid out of the pan and flipped onto the cutting board. “Hey, you flipped it!” I said. “Yeah!” said Jerry. “And now you can just push it back into the pan like this.” Fenner’s face was radiant. Huge smile. She cooked the other side and then sat down to enjoy her creation.

At 8:00pm Charlotte asked to watch TV. “Nope!” said Fenner. “I haven’t done my homework.” “Oh! Charlotte told me earlier that you did do your homework.” I said. “Well she was wrong!” I looked at Charlotte who had a big sheepish grin. “Oh, well, then the answer is definitely no.” “I just have my reading log to do!” said Ellen happily. And they both went to work.

No TV so Charlotte decided to check in with her pet rat, Bill. 8:30 rolled around and Jerry and I headed upstairs to hang out and be ready if/when they all three got to bed before 9pm. Suddenly Charlotte started crying hard. “Bill bit me! He bit me!” She came up to the bathroom and I went to see. Yep, it broke the skin. “I don’t like Bill anymore, I don’t want him, I want to give him away!!! … Look, it’s bleeding!!!” I got it cleaned up and bandaged and she calmed down. “Mom, it hurts. Will you help me?” “Hmm…” I thought for a minute. “Ok. Injured kids who are bleeding get help brushing their teeth.” So I helped her out and she got into bed. Now it was 8:50 and Fenner hadn’t come up yet. “Can we read a book?” she asked. “No. Not everyone’s in bed yet. But if everyone gets to bed in time, then I’ll come back.” “Ok.” “But before I go, do you want your alarm set for bus time or mom time?” “Bus time,” she said.

At 8:54 everyone was in their rooms. Two minutes each. No complaints. Yeehaw.

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