Wet basement

This morning we found a leaky pipe in the basement and water had leaked all under the mat and equipment in our exercise room. We had to move everything to the side and pull up the mat to mop up all the water. Fenner and Ellen were down there with us right away begging to help and fighting over the sponge mop and Charlotte joined in soon after. I thought: We’re just in time to go into high gear with this life-training exercise. This kind of enthusiasm has an expiration date, and what a shame not to take advantage of it!

So we’ve got a good long list of self-care skills and life skills drawn up to refer to as we forge ahead. We plan to look at it with each girl and actually check things off and ask if they can come up with any more. There’s quite a few each one can check off and I think that will help add to their confidence.

More difficult to label and articulate are the social skills that become especially important beginning in middle school. Fenner starts middle school this fall. My vivid memories of middle school are all about social dynamics, and many of those memories are not pretty. What I don’t remember is there being anybody in my life teaching me how to deal.

But when I sat down to list out some basic social skills I felt pretty stuck. Google to the rescue! Three clicks later and I had this list as a starting point:

Classroom behavior and academic performance, including:

  • Following instructions
  • Accepting consequences
  • Asking questions
  • Following rules
  • Dealing with an accusation

Interactions with parents and family such as:

  • Accepting “no” for an answer
  • Accepting criticism
  • Giving compliments
  • Making an apology

Relationships with peers:

  • Showing respect to others
  • Visiting someone who is ill
  • Introducing someone or yourself
  • Getting another person’s attention
  • Turn taking

I also found an interesting article called “Preparing to teach social skills to your teen” and even came across a movie recommendation: the 2008 Sundance film “American Teen.”

… which is now in my Netflix queue.

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2 Comments on “Wet basement”

  1. Janice Says:

    Can you provide the name of the movie-no longer on this blog. Thanks, I am enjoying reading your blog, we just started 2 weeks ago, June 2013 and I could have used this from the get go. I am amazed at letting them miss school and wish I had this courage our first week! Way to go!!

    • flockmother Says:

      Thanks for telling me about that broken link! All fixed now. Yes, letting them be in charge of their own education is a BIG one. Send me questions / updates anytime!

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