School again

Despite having the stomach flu over the weekend, today Charlotte is up and more determined than ever to catch that bus. She still doesn’t have her backpack, but she got her spare one out of the car and is busy making her lunch. I wasn’t sure what effect vacation would have, but she did not miss a beat. Jerry gave her a tip for her alarm clock: put it far enough away that you have to get up to turn it off. It seems to have worked. She only asked for help with one thing: “Mom! I can’t find my lunchbox!” She was close to tears and I immediately started using my “poor you” voice to explain that we haven’t yet gotten it back from Sloane’s house. Then she said, “No, my other one I use with my little backpack!” “Oh!” I said, and got it down from the high shelf. Note to self: Refrain from using the “poor you” voice. It sends a message that I don’t think she can roll with the punches.

Fenner has asked to stay home. Her stomach doesn’t feel quite right and she’s worried she might have the germ. Watching Charlotte get right into gear, I’m feeling so proud of her that it’s harder than ever not to scold Ellen for being mean. “Are you ready Ellen?” “Yes! But you’re not! This is all about you!” “Don’t yell!” “I’m not yelling! I’m being stern. … Now, go! … Go!!!” “I don’t know what you mean! I don’t like it when you talk stern-y!” “Ow! Charlotte, that really hurt! I’m not waiting for you! I’m going!” And Ellen stomped out the door. “Good.” Charlotte said softly to herself. “And now I’m going too.” And she left. No request this time for me to walk with her. Neither of them even said goodbye.

And now I’m watching Charlotte with her tiny spare backpack halfway on trying hard to catch up to Ellen as they walk up the big hill.

Charlotte’s library books that are due back at school today are still in her room, and I don’t think she ate any breakfast, but at least she has a coat on….

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