Lone Ranger

Last night I helped Charlotte remember how to work her alarm clock. When I checked on her later I noticed that instead of pajamas, she had changed into her outfit for school – the roll-out-of-bed-and-go plan.

This morning she got up immediately with her alarm and went right to work on making her lunch. Fenner and Ellen decided to skip the bus and go in later with our neighbor. That only seemed to motivate Charlotte more. As she was getting ready Fenner and Ellen made several snide comments and I had to bite my tongue. At one point she said, “Stop being mean!” But otherwise she wasn’t phased at all.

Keep this in mind: one month ago I used to pack her lunch and backpack for her and then drag her out of bed 10 minutes before we were supposed to leave and carry her to the potty and quiz her about what she wanted to wear and get frustrated when she changed her mind and say “We gotta be fast, we gotta go” a million times and stick a granola bar in her hand on the way out and buckle her seatbelt for her and then blame myself if they were late for school.

And here she is today. (I did nothing to help her, and my only worry is that I’m pretty sure she didn’t have any breakfast…oh well…) In this video she stops and says to Ellen, “Are you even going to school?”

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