(Geez, a lot to cover today!) I’m encouraged. Even after that pancake episode this morning, Fenner approached suppertime with a good attitude and took charge of making her own quesadilla. Jerry tried hard not to interfere. “So I should put it in the pan and then put the cheese on?” “Uh, yeah,” said Jerry. “Mm, no … I like putting the cheese on over here and then plopping it in the pan.” She looked at Jerry for his reaction and he frowned at her. I caught his eye and mouthed the word, ‘ok.’ “Ok!” he said and turned away. Ellen was watching the whole thing. “So, mom, you’re in charge?” I smiled, shook my head, and looked at the floor. Too funny! Then I said, “No, just an advisor.”

It was time to flip the quesadilla and Fenner said, “How do you flip this? It’s so big!” “I don’t know, that’ll take some thought,” I said. “Dad, I can’t, will you flip it?” He started reaching for it and I said, “Fenner, try. I think you can figure it out.” Jerry stepped back and encouraged her instead. “That’s it, you almost did it.” “But it slid and now it’s ruined!” “No, try again … harder.” She hoisted the pan up and the quesadilla lifted part way into air, flipped, and flopped down again. “Hey it flipped!” I said. “Fenner, that was cool,” said Jerry, “Do you know how long it took me to learn how to do that? I didn’t do it until we moved to this house. And here you are, eleven years old, flipping a quesadilla like that.” “I’m still not very good at it though.” “Well I thought it was good,” said Jerry. “I’ve never tried it,” I said, “What did you do to make it work that time?” “Well, I just flipped it high, and then watched it!” she said with a little swagger in her voice. “Hmm, I think I’ll watch you do it one more time before I try.” “Ok!” she said and went back to enjoying her meal.

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