I keep forgetting to add this little tidbit relevant to this week. It has to do with that family discussion we had (“Week 2, Day 1”) when Charlotte kept interrupting until finally we all had to go into my office and leave Charlotte outside in order to finish. I mentioned my office has an interior window that looks into the living room, and the shade was drawn and she was banging on the window for part of the time while we were in there. But what I didn’t know was what else she was doing.

Under the window in the living room is a secretary-style writing desk that Jerry built when he was in college. A few days after that event, I was doing some picking up in the living room and the light hit the front of the desk in a certain way so I could see …


I don’t know what she used to make those deep scratches, but it did the job. I looked at it with my mouth open for a long moment. And then took a deep breath. That hurts, I thought. And it shows how much she was hurting too. I haven’t asked her about it because guilting her would only do more harm. Maybe we can talk about it in a few weeks. I haven’t pointed it out to Jerry yet either and I’m not even sure why. Either I’m fearful of his reaction, or I’m waiting for the right time to magically appear. Probably both. Maybe he’ll read this post …

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