Week 5, Day 1

Tomorrow is Ellen’s birthday, but today was her party with her friends. Overall, it was a success, but there was a lot of friction between the girls this morning, and the usual downright nastiness toward Charlotte: “We’re making cake and you’re not getting any!” / “Charlotte, I am not allowing you to come to my party.” / “No! Don’t touch that! Go away!” / “Why’d you do that, you dummy!” etc. etc. Still, mostly I’m amazed at how well she endures it all:

Ellen kept repeating that Charlotte was not invited to her party, so Charlotte finally sat down, looked at her straight on, and said, “Ellen. What will it take for you to invite me to your party?” Wow, they learn fast!

Bedtime was more challenging. My stomach tightened as I heard: “Charlotte, you’re mean. I’m surprised you have any friends.” “I’m mean because you guys are mean and I learn it from you!” Ohhhh, make it stop …

Maybe week 5 will help. More on that tomorrow…..

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