Yes, as soon as …

Ok so I just had to walk away from Charlotte because I felt myself about to lose it!

A bit ago she wanted a piece of chocolate, and I said, “Yes! As soon as you take a bath.” She tried to take some anyway, so I put them away on a high shelf. After a minute she said, “Mom, it seems like you have a plan.” “Oh, what kind of plan?” She didn’t answer but started to write something on a sticky note:


“I see. Is that my plan?” “No, that’s a letter.” “Ok, I like to keep all my letters.” And I took the sticky note. Then she got out a pen and started drawing on the counter. “Oops!” I said, “Counters are not for drawing.” And I handed her some paper. She wrote on the counter again. I took the pen out of her hand. She went and got another pen. I gritted my teeth and walked away. She followed me, so closely that I had to push my office door shut against her.

Now I have no idea what she’s doing out there … I’m afraid to look…now knocking on the door… “Can I come in?” she said. “Ok.” I opened the door. She came in and found the original pen and picked it up. I took the bait and wrestled the pen out of her hands (which she clearly enjoyed) and then I gently pushed her back out of my office and shut the door.

More knocking. “Mom, can I tell you something?” I opened the door. “What will it take for you to get those chocolates for me?” I smiled and said, “A bath for Charlotte!” “Hmm,” she said and tried to walk to my desk again. “No, you may not come in here, and I gently pushed her out again and shut the door. (Note to self: Next time find somewhere else to go instead of doing this push-out-the-door thing.) “Mom?” she said through the door. “Yes?” “I like a little company for my bath…just in the beginning.” “Ok, so you’re ready for your bath?” “Yeah.” Alrighty then….

I’d say this one was power with a dash of attention and a sprinkle of revenge.

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