Wish list

“Mom, what are you and dad working on this week?” asked Fenner. “Um, we’re thinking about what we want for our family and writing it all down.” “I know something I want,” she said. “Oh, good, we want to know that too.” “I want a horse barn with three ponies in it.” “Oh, yes, well we’re not talking about things. For example, we rewrote the family rules list over here.” “Oh…ok, well how about, I want Charlotte to stop hiding things.” “Mmhm, that’s a negative statement. We’re focusing on all the positive stuff we want.”

Ellen walked over to the new list on the wall and started reading:
“Trust in yourself and each other … I don’t trust Charlotte … Treat each other with respect … Charlotte doesn’t treat us with respect … Listen well … Charlotte doesn’t listen … Offer help when you can give it … Charlotte doesn’t do that.” “Well neither do you,” Fenner chimed in, “And I don’t either.” “I know,” said Ellen, “Take care of belongings … Charlotte doesn’t do that….” “Wow,” I said, “you guys are spending a lot of time thinking about Charlotte. You must really love her.” “No!” they said in unison.

ps Earlier, Charlotte had skipped into the kitchen and said, “I like annoying them,” and then skipped back to the living room. Five seconds later I heard Ellen say, “Charlotte, we know you’re here!” So that’s it. That’s how she knows she matters—she’s the family annoyer and she can do it better than anyone. Somehow we have to get the message across that she matters in a different way. I can’t wait to help her reinvent herself …

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