In girls we trust, continued…

More trust work today. Charlotte rallied for the bus. She left with no breakfast, no coat, and shoes that would get soaked by the wet grass on her way up the hill. Keep mouth shut. Trust that she can handle it. Trust that she’s learning. Keep mouth shut ….

Fenner and Ellen opted to go in with me, and by chance we arrived at school just as Charlotte’s bus arrived too. She saw my car and waved out the window with a big smile. See? I thought – nothing to worry about.

Yesterday I went to get Charlotte from Sloane’s house to take her to karate. I found her upstairs and cheerfully announced, “Hi Charlotte, time to go! I’ll be in the car,” and walked away. The voice of doubt still lingered in my head, but on my way out she came running down the stairs and almost beat me to the car. Each time, that voice of doubt gets a little quieter.

Meanwhile Fenner has a sleepover birthday party tonight. This morning she said, “I forgot to pack last night, so I just did it now.” End of story. In the past it’s been, “Fenner? Did you pack? Don’t forget to pack. Where’s the invitation? What does it say you should bring? Do you have everything? …” And interspersed with my jabbering would be: “Mooom, will you help me pack? Do you think I need this jacket? Will you check my bag? etc., etc…” None of that this morning. Even when I noticed she didn’t have her sleeping bag (and I knew the invitation specified sleeping bags), I still managed to keep my mouth shut, and a minute later she said, “Oh! I forgot my sleeping bag!” and ran up to get it.

So look how much I’m still learning about what they can do on their own just by zipping it! And if I’m still learning about what they can do, then they must be learning it too. And the process never ends. It will keep going and going for years to come, just from me trusting in them and keeping it zipped! It’s a whole new world.

This morning Fenner also said, “Mom, do you know where my Company Store bag is? I need it … um … because … I left my backpack at Sloane’s.” “Oh, I see.” Clearly she was nervous about telling me this. But glass-man be-gone. No big deal for me means no big deal for her. Just find another bag. And she did.

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2 Comments on “In girls we trust, continued…”

  1. Jena Strong Says:

    I found your blog through a friend of a friend of a friend… we’re taking Vicki’s class right now, and this is exactly the boat I’ve been in, especially with our older daughter (she’s 6 1/2). Zipping it, and trusting her.

    • flockmother Says:

      So nice to hear from you, and good luck with the class! Maybe we should make some T-shirts that say something like, “Keepin’ it zipped for a better world.” Vicki could hand them out to everyone… 🙂

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