Taking action

One of the values we’ve articulated this past week is: We are a family that makes time for play and being active together. I could feel the power of writing that one down as soon as we did it. No more excuses, no more procrastinating while the weeks go by. So yesterday I wanted to take my power walk up a nearby hill that has a beautiful view at the top. The girls had been watching TV for a while, so instead of telling them I’d be back in half-an-hour and leaving on my own as usual, I paused the TV and said, “On behalf of the health and happiness of our family, I declare that it’s time to take a walk together up to the view.” They stared at me in silence for a few seconds, and then: “Why?” “Does it have to be a walk?” “That’s too far!” So with a calm, neutral tone, I said, “Ok, then just I’ll go.” And I walked away.

I was putting my shoes on in the mudroom and Charlotte came running in, “Mom! I’m coming with you!” “Ok!” And then when we were out in the driveway, Ellen came running out, “Mom, I’m coming too!” And then a minute later, Fenner sauntered out. All she said was, “Do you think I need a hat?”

Just then Jerry got back from his errand. He was tired from doing yard work that morning, but when he saw us all ready to go, he rallied too. Everyone made it up the hill, and we stopped at the neighbor’s pond on the way back to look for salamanders.

The walk felt great, but the best part of all was getting home and hearing Fenner say, “Hey Charlotte, you want to have popsicles with us?” and watching them sit and slurp together in harmony.


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