Purposefully positive

I feel like this week the rubber hits the road. It’s time for me and Jerry to actively and intentionally apply a positive influence on the family while we continue to ignore the behaviors we don’t want.

This week, it’s time to start incorporating the “Crucial C’s”*:

  • Connect
  • Capable
  • Count
  • Courage

I’m excited about this approach, but I’m also nervous because I’m not at all sure how to go about it in ways that will work for our girls.

I know I need to slow down and look for opportunities to connect one-on-one with each of them every day — and that this will lead to a more secure and cooperative child who does not need to demand my attention in frustrating ways.

I know I need to stay calm and use a friendly approach to solving problems, offer choices that are win-win, and treat all the girls as though they are capable and can do for themselves (ignoring that voice of doubt in my head!)

I know I need to actively look for opportunities to involve the girls in work that needs to be done for the family, and point out all the ways that they make a difference — that they count — big and small.

I know I need to focus on the positive, continue to resist my urge to rescue them from all things unpleasant, and, when they stumble or fall, build their courage by offering encouragement and empathy, not pity or criticism.

So I get it, I really do. I’m just not sure how I’m going to do it …. yet.

Wish me luck!

* The Crucial Cs were developed by Drs. Betty Lou Bettner and Amy Lew. For additional information on this topic, please visit  http://www.connexionspress.com/books.html

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