Erase. Begin again.

“Honey? … What happened here?” asked Jerry, pointing to the scratches on the desk he made in college,”What is this?” I took a deep breath and put my hand on his shoulder. “That … is what revenge looks like.” He paused and then said, “Do you know when it happened?” “Remember when we all went into my office to finish talking and shut Charlotte out?” “And she came in here and did this?” I nodded. He ran his fingers over the scratches. “Hmm,” he said.

Later we were all in the living room and he said, “Charlotte? … Charlotte, honey? Daddy made that desk in college…” I touched his arm and said softly, “Don’t guilt her.” He whispered back, “I was just going to tell her that we need to take care of our things.” I didn’t say anything and he paused and looked back at Charlotte. Then with an upbeat tone he said, “Charlotte? Let’s see if we can get rid of these scratches.” He went to get some furniture oil. When he came back I said, “Charlotte, would you like to help daddy fix the scratches?” “No, thank you,” she said quietly. “Ok,” I said.

Jerry wet a rag with the oil and ran it over the scratches. It did the trick. “How’s that?” he asked. “Much better!” I said, “I can’t even see them anymore!”

I stared at the desk and thought: now there’s a clean desk for the living room, and a clean slate for us.

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2 Comments on “Erase. Begin again.”

  1. Vicki Says:

    You rock. I did the unforgivable in class last night…..I praised you.

    Yes – It is true.

    I, the non-praiser law enforcement officer when over the top PRAISING how amazing your blog is, etc., etc., etc.,

    I apologize. LOL

    Just know, you are helping 52 parents (impressive group) in a local class I am teaching. I thought they might draw some encouragement and respite from your experience.

    Thank you again for sharing.

    • flockmother Says:

      You’re welcome. I love hearing from you and I’m so happy to be helping other families with this amazing journey.

      Thanks to you for doing what you do!

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