Slowly but surely

I saw new glimmers of cooperation this morning. Charlotte forgot to set her alarm and was late getting ready and Fenner actually offered some help in a semi-friendly tone of voice! She said, “Charlotte, I think your lunchbox is still in the car and your water bottle too.” And then she found Charlotte’s reading folder and actually brought it to her and said, “Here you go, Charlotte.” It seems insignificant, but I have not seen anything close to that kind of exchange between them in so long, I thought it was gone forever.

In fact, Fenner seems just a little bit happier all around. At one point she said, with a big smile, “Well, I better go make my lunch! Because if I don’t … who knows what will happen!”

Meanwhile Ellen got in a few more karate chops with me before she left. A new game, a new memory, a new connection.

ps Today I re-commit to being more playful, and also to making sure I stop and look at them when they’re trying to tell me something (a.k.a. “Practice active listening” – like it says right on our roadmap for success…)

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