Moved on

This morning I braced myself for a scene. Would she refuse to go to school because of her hair? We’ll see, I thought. But after a good night’s sleep she seemed to have moved on.

I heard them downstairs. Charlotte was making her lunch … loudly. “Charlotte are you still mad about your dumb haircut?” asked Ellen. “No.” “Then what are you mad about?” “I’m just crabby.” “What are you crabby about?” “I don’t know!”

A few seconds later I heard the sound of crackers spilling on the floor. “Mom will clean it up,” said Charlotte. “No she won’t!” said Ellen. “How do you know?!!!” Charlotte yelled back. “Because we’re responsible for cleaning our own messes!” (Wow, really? I thought.) Ellen continued, “Charlotte, no!!! You do not put goldfish back in the bag with your dang feet! … I’m not ever eating another goldfish until that bag’s all gone and we get a new one!”

Then Fenner chimed in, “Charlotte, you’re really gross, you know that?” “Well I have to catch the bus.” “Well you’d better hurry, you have to leave in five minutes.” “Do you know why I’m late? … Because you were asking me questions and slowing me down. Stop talking to me.” They did.

Charlotte finished getting ready and headed for the door. “Bye, Charlotte!” I said. “Bye!” she answered and then paused, “Mom? What day is it?” “Friday,” I said. “Ok, then, pick up from school,” she said to herself and left — right on time.

As she left I noticed her “News-book” that she’s supposed to have on Fridays still on the table. I opened my mouth to say, “Charlotte, do you want to take this?” but I stopped myself. Oh, well. I don’t want that job. I trust that she’ll figure that one out too.

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One Comment on “Moved on”

  1. Jena Says:

    There’s that “trust” word again…

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