Spiraling up

Relatively uneventful day. Mostly I noticed a higher level of joy all around, and I noticed how much power Jerry and I have to influence that. I keep remembering what Vicki said about how we all cooperate better with people that we like. So if I become more likeable, they’ll want to cooperate with me. Pretty simple formula! So I’m intentionally using more humor, saying yes more to their invitations to play, showing and telling them that I like having them around, listening more, and pointing out when and how they make a difference.

To put it simply, we’re having a lot more fun together. And I have the time and energy for it because I’m not so busy doing everything for them all the time. Works out pretty well.

Something I want to start doing more of: asking for their opinion on things, and being a quiet listener while they think about what they think!

Stay tuned …

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