Morning trip-up

This morning was gray and rainy and by 7am I was faintly aware that I had not yet heard Charlotte get out of bed. At 7:10 I got up and when I came out of the bathroom, she was there getting dressed. I looked at my watch and wondered whether she already knew the bus had gone by now. Then I heard Fenner and Ellen downstairs:
“Where’s Charlotte?” asked Fenner.
“Upstairs asleep somewhere,” answered Ellen.
“Go wake her up!”
“I already woke her up and urged her to get ready!”
“Hurry up Charlotte!”
“I’m hurrying as fast as I can!” called Charlotte as she went downstairs.
“Why are you late?”
“Because I was sleeping and I forgot to set my alarm and I missed the bus and your talking is distracting me!”
“And you’re going to wear those pants?” sneered Fenner.
Charlotte ignored that and tried to focus on making her lunch.

The neighbor came. Fenner and Ellen got in. The neighbor and I chatted in the driveway. No sign of Charlotte. The neighbor went.

Interesting that Fenner and Ellen are willing to wake Charlotte up, but they have yet to offer any help with her lunch in order to keep the privilege of staying up later on the weekend.

I came in and said, “Charlotte, she waited as long as she could and then she had to go.” “Oh. Can you drive me?” “I was planning to go to sing-along at 8:20 so that’s your next chance to catch a ride.” “Will I be late?” “Yes.” “Ohhhhhh, but I don’t know how else to get to school! I don’t want to be late! Will you drive me to the bus stop?” “Well, since it’s raining, I might have been willing to do that, but now the bus has already left.” “But how can I get to school?” “When the big hand is pointing at the 4, I will get in the car and you’re welcome to get a ride with me then.” “Will our bedtime go back to 8:30?” “Yes…until next weekend.” She looked at the floor, processed it all, and then was ok. “Charlotte, would you like to join me for breakfast?” I offered. “Ok,” she said and got herself a bowl of cereal.

At 8:20 I drove her to school. On the way she said, “Mom, how to I get out of the habit of not setting my alarm? I want to break it.” “Hmm, when I need help remembering, sometimes it helps if I write a note to myself and put it somewhere where I can see it.” “I was just going to say that! I just thought of that same thing!” “Oh! We both had the same idea!” “Yeah.”

When we arrived, she was reluctant to get out of the car, “Oh, I hope I don’t have to go to the principal’s office!” she said. And then she hopped out and ran through the rain to school.

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