Happy day

Turns out we changed family meeting to tomorrow after breakfast. Today’s schedule became zooey and not only that, but we didn’t have enough cash on hand to dole out the allowances! Not only do we need enough cash, but also the correct combination of cash ready to go for all three girls. We took care of that today so we’re all set for tomorrow.

Meanwhile, today felt like a banner day. After another adventure in pancake making:

Smiley pancake

… we started off by helping Jerry with a big project in the back yard (something we never would have motivated to do before). Everyone got out there and made a contribution — big and small.

Fenner & Ellen at workCharlottework

There was no requirement and no pressure, just an invitation. And that set the tone for the day. But the big news was about Ellen and Charlotte. The two of them played with our plastic animal set for close to 2 hours and did not fight once! I couldn’t believe it. I stopped what I was doing and walked over to them. “You guys, I really appreciate how nicely you two are playing together.” And I walked away. After that, they went together to the neighbor’s pond to catch frogs, and after that, they played UNO together. And still no fighting! Something is definitely happening, and we haven’t even started regular appreciations yet!

UNO game

By the way, this no TV for two weeks thing was brilliant. First of all, I now realize, TV was a big source of friction: who gets to choose what show, who gets to sit where, who’s making too much noise, etc. So they get a break from that, plus they have all this extra time to fill and they’re turning to each other to think of fun things to do together and with us. It’s made a big difference. I can’t wait to see where the next few months take us.

ps This morning Charlotte said, “Mom, thank you for doing the skills thing. Now I know how to make cereal.” “Yes, you don’t have to wait for someone else to do it for you,” I said. “I don’t care about waiting.” “Oh. What do you like about being able to do it yourself?” “Because I know how much milk I like, and how much cereal, and I get the spoon and the bowl that I want.” “You get to make it exactly the way you want.” “Yeah. Especially because before sometimes I would ask dad for Kix and he gave me Life,” she smiled and gave a big sigh and then dug into her cereal, made just the way she likes it.

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