Wondering …

Phew. Way too busy yesterday. Not much to tell in between going from one thing to the next. But I was wondering…

Fenner has been begging for her own email account, and I thought, hmm, that sounds like a privilege! Soooooo, yes! As soon as you show me … what? Here’s what I said to her the other day;

“Uh, yes … I can say yes to that when you show me you’re ready.” “How do I do that?!” “Well, you know, it’s possible to yell with email, and you can call names with email, so you need to have earned back your friends privilege.” “Oh.” “And the other thing that comes to mind is time management. It’s like TV or computer. Once you’ve earned those back, I need to see that you can self-regulate them on your own, because email can take over your day if you let it.” “So, for how long?” “I’m not sure … I’ll think about it.” “Humpf!” She said frowning and crossing her arms at me.

So, readers, can you think of other responsibilites and agreements that might go along with earning the privilege of email? Suggestions are much appreciated!

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One Comment on “Wondering …”

  1. Ellen Says:

    mom you stink and I’m sure this will help your viewers. I’m the kind of person who likes to hear other peoples opinions but mom won’t give me any of hers so I love it when I get her to crack.

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