Fenner actually asked me just the other day, without any prompting, “Mom, how are we going to celebrate finishing the parenting class?…Will you buy me an iPod Touch?” “How about we go to North Carolina for a family vacation?” I teased. (We’re leaving for that trip this Saturday.) “Mooooom, we’re already doing that!” “Yes, and I can’t wait!”

She’s right though, we should celebrate in other ways too. As Vicki says, we should celebrate every single day and congratulate ourselves and each other for choosing again to participate in this difficult thing called life.

And it is difficult. We get out of bed each morning having no idea what’s going to be thrown at us that day. Will today go as we hope? As we planned? Maybe, maybe not. But now, armed with all this new knowledge, I have a much better chance of having a lot to celebrate no matter what happens. Now, when things go terribly wrong, I can stop and think and reach down inside and even find a way to be grateful that it’s not going according to plan, grateful for another opportunity to think and grow and change, grateful that my children are not robots who do everything my way.

Needless to say, the changes in our family over these past 12 weeks have been extraordinary. We have endless cause for celebration, and I will be reflecting on that this week…

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