Day two

When I got out of the shower at 7:15 this morning, the house was still quiet. Uh-oh, I thought. Is the honeymoon period over already? Should I do something? No, no. Trust that they can handle it. Imagine the tape’s still on my mouth …

Five minutes later I heard some sounds and poked my head out of the bathroom. There was Charlotte, lying on the floor, dressed but looking very sleepy. “Good morning Charlotte!” I said. “The bus has gone but you can still catch a ride with me.” “I could’ve caught the bus!” she moaned. “Oh? What happened?” “It was all because of you!” Of course, I thought. “After my alarm I went back to sleep and then I woke up after it already alarmed and I saw my shorts but I thought they were long pants because you put them with my capris and that’s why I didn’t come down!” “Oh … I put them both there because I didn’t know which ones you wanted.” “I told you I just wanted the shorts!”  Ok, need to change course here. In the most cheerful voice I could muster, I said, “I’m going downstairs, and I’ll be leaving at 7:40!” “So you’re leaving now?” said Charlotte, “But I haven’t made my lunch!” “Well, I’ve seen you be fast, and you still have about ten minutes.” “That’s plenty of time!” Fenner chimed in from the hallway. “No it’s nooot!” wailed Charlotte. Fenner pulled me close and whispered urgently in my ear, “Mom, if she’s not ready will you just take us to school?” I shook my head. “When everyone’s ready I’ll drive to school. I can’t leave her behind.”

Then, as I was walking down the stairs, the most amazing thing happened.  I heard Fenner say in a friendly voice, “I’ll help you, Charlotte! Since I don’t have to make my lunch … come on!”

For the next ten minutes, the two of them worked together on getting ready. And what I thought might be disastrous-day-two turned out to be only-five-minutes-late-day-two. What a relief.

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2 Comments on “Day two”

  1. Mir Says:

    Hi there! I found your blog through your name….my littlest shares her name with you and it seems to be fairly rare!!

    We had school morning blues too, but went a different route. We set a time our oldest had to be outside to catch the bus, and ten minutes before then, if she had her shoes by the door, lunch packed and in her book bag, book bag by the door, she could eat breakfast at home. If she didn’t she had to eat breakfast at school, and she had to pay for it herself (principle of “lack of planning on your part doesn’t constitute an emergency on mine”). It’s only $1, but I tell you what, that $1 is big moolah in her mind. Two years later, she’s only had to buy breakfast three times and there’s no nagging/rushing on my part. Love it!!

    • flockmother Says:

      Hi! Thanks for writing — so great to hear other people’s approaches and ideas. I find that money is becoming a more and more powerful motivator as they get older. I’ll keep that breakfast idea in mind!

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