“So last week we addressed bossing and getting ready in time for school,” I said at family meeting today. “I’ve been ringing the bell at 7:00 and 7:30. So how’s it going?”

“Good,” said Fenner, “Except when someone forgets to set her alarm.” And she shot a look at Charlotte.

“Well that was just on Monday, right? So what about the rest of the week?” I asked everyone.

“No, mom, mom!” said Ellen excitedly, “Charlotte and I made this really great system where if she’s up first she comes and wakes me up, and if I’m up first I wake her up and then we both come down and get ready together!”

“Hey, teamwork!” said Jerry.

Ellen continued, “And then Fenner comes down really late, like right before it’s time to go.” She glared at Fenner.

“Well that’s because I don’t have to make a lunch anymore so I can come down later!” Fenner shot back.

“The question is, do we need to make any changes to the solution you came up with?” I asked.

“Nooo,” they all said.

“Ok, so we’ll stick with it for now?”

A chorus of, “Yeaahh.”

“Ok, so let’s see what else we have here…” I proceeded to go down what was left on the list of problems, “Is this still a problem?” “Noooo.” “How about this one?” “Well, sort of, but not really.” “This one?” “Um…noooo.” And on it went until we had no problems left on the board. Abracadabra–gone! “Wow, you guys have become real problem solvers. Look at all these problems you solved!”


“Let’s celebrate!” said Jerry.

“Let’s make a cake!” someone else said.

So today, instead of voting on a solution, we voted on what kind of cake to bake. It was unanimous: double vanilla … with rainbow sprinkles.

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One Comment on “Abracadabra”

  1. Vicki Says:

    There is nothing to say. Just wanted you to know that I am smiling from ear to ear.

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