…amazing, amazing, amazing.

I had the most amazing weekend with Vicki and 25 women all working together–talking and brainstorming and discovering and planning–to figure out what each of us wants to be and do and have with our families. The mood was intense and challenging and comforting and inspirational. I came home today with new knowledge, tools, insights, and courage to keep moving forward and make some more changes.

I’ll get to those details later. Right now I want to share what I came home to. You see today happens to be my birthday. I knew Jerry and the girls would be out skiing when I got here and I was looking forward to a couple of hours of alone time in the house (a perfect birthday gift for me). I pulled in the driveway feeling energized and exhausted at the same time, looked up at the front door, and burst into tears:

Appreciations – Mom Edition
Dad – Her dedication to this family
Fenner – Driving us to our activities and paying for them
Ellen – Taking any ideas we have to help our family
Charlotte – Taking care of us
D – Holding down the fort so often when Dad is away
F – Doing the dogs when no one else feels like it
E – Signing us up for our summer activities
C – Teaching dad to behave like a father
D – Loving us no matter what
F – Always being there for us
E – Standing up for our family
C – Keeping us together

Over the weekend Vicki challenged us to fall in love with our families all over again. I totally just did.

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9 Comments on “Amazing”

  1. Vicki Says:

    Oh Catha – You are well loved.

  2. jennifer blackwell Says:

    catha, just checking in with your website. i saw this post and i have goosebumps and some tears. that is so awesome. what an amazing birthday gift. it sounds like you had an enjoyable return home. i am so glad we had a chance to connect at the retreat. i am inspired by your dedication to make changes.

    all my love, jennifer blackwell

  3. Lee Says:

    That is awesome!! I love “teaching dad to behave like a father”.

  4. Amy Madon Says:

    What a great birthday surprise, and a testament to you as a mom. Yay!

  5. Amy Mason Says:

    Oops In my previous comment, I misspelled my own name! My brain still hasn’t recovered from our weekend. šŸ™‚ It was great getting to know you!

  6. Sarah Says:

    Amazingly beautiful.

  7. flockmother Says:

    Thank you! Hearing from you always gets me energized to write more…

  8. sblanck Says:

    Keep writing! How awesome is this. Would you ever have thought this could be hanging on your door a year ago???

    • flockmother Says:

      Never ever! And any doubts I’ve had about the value of family meetings for teaching us to show appreciation for each other are gone for good.

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