Enough already

When I saw this comic, I made sure that day to tell each of my daughters, “Remember, I love you just the way you are, no matter what.”

What I want them to get is that they are already enough in my eyes. Each day, no matter what’s happening, no matter what they’ve done or haven’t done, they are enough right now.

Where they go from there is completely up to them — their goals, their aspirations, their plans. My job is to have faith in them, help them notice their own strengths, and be a model for intentional courage in my own life.

Do I want my kids to make the honor roll? To me, now, that question seems pointless. Instead I find myself thinking, “I wonder if that would be on their personal road map?”

And that gives me an idea! I’m going to put up some blank road maps in their bedrooms and see what, if anything, they write down.

I’ll keep you posted …

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2 Comments on “Enough already”

  1. Shalagh Says:

    Nice C! Do keep us posted. Great reminder. I love that phrase “they are enough”.

  2. breathebeast Says:

    Love this. It reminds me of something from a Deepak Chopra book I read (the only one I read, and probably the shortest one he’s written), that was in the afterword, but that I’ve carried ever since. He talked about how he told his kids before they started school that he didn’t care if they got As or Bs or Cs. He told them that their task was to figure out what was their reason for being here in this world, and they had to find it out on their own, to focus on how they could serve humanity and what their unique talents were. I thought that was so cool, such a freeing way to deal with the absolute requirements that tend to be placed in school and that don’t always make life-sense.

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