Mum’s the word

It’s worth repeating again and again to yourself: When in doubt, say nothing and do nothing.

I’ve been in doubt a lot lately about this set your own bedtime thing. They’ve been staying up late a lot. Charlotte’s been skipping her homework. My biggest worry is that they’re not getting enough sleep … and it’s all my fault!

Shhhhhh. I consciously told myself. They’re learning. They can do this. Don’t ruin it now.

After several weeks of this, tonight Charlotte suddenly changed her tune:

“Mom. I’m going up at 8:00 because I want to get up early to catch the bus so I need to get to bed early. Right now I’m going to make my lunch. Then I’ll do my homework. I just feel like taking the bus.”

“I want to do that too!” said Ellen.

After Charlotte made her lunch, they both cleaned up their dinner with no reminders and marched upstairs. By 9:00 it was quiet.

Wow. Give them enough time and mum is definitely the word.

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6 Comments on “Mum’s the word”

  1. Slawebb Says:

    that is just amazing!! I admit I have pulled the reigns in on bedtime, setting it for them. The girls ( 9 & 6) get so cranky and whiney and pick on each other terribly when they don’t get enough sleep and they don’t seem to get that it is about sleep. they just keep staying up, even when I do put them to bed at bedtime or talk to them about why they feel so bad. Makes me crazy!

    My kids walk to they don’t have the fire of getting on the bus to get them going. They just walk to school and get there late and don’t seem to really care. Oh well!

    Kudos to you for sticking to it!

    • flockmother Says:

      It’s really hard to wait it out, especially when they don’t seem to understand how important sleep is. But your girls may need a different approach than mine.

      I also remind myself that getting enough sleep is a lifelong challenge. I still have good weeks and bad weeks in terms of getting myself to bed. May as well give them a head start on figuring it out!

      btw, they did it. The bus comes at 7am. I heard them go out the front door at 6:45. Never even saw them!

  2. Shalagh Says:

    Great Entry C! I can only imagine how tough those few weeks of watching / waiting were. Thanks for the update – -glad to hear you are all still going strong !!!


  3. Slawebb Says:

    I’m back on the wagon. I haven’t said anything about bedtime to my oldest for the last 2 days. She seems to be getting to bed about 8p sometimes later. She appears to be a night owl. She seems to bring up her troubles of the day to talk about in the evening… especially at bedtime. Is this a strategy to stay up later? I want o encourage her to bring things to be to talk about them, but staying up late to do it bugs me. It feels intentional.

    Her problem seems to be getting up in the morning and she never wakes with the alarm. We always have to go in and wake her. Of course, getting up doesn’t seem to be a problem on those days she doesn’t have school. lol

    I can do this. I know I can!

    • flockmother Says:

      I always think of, “the only thing I can control is myself and what I do.” I can say, “It’s getting late, when would be a good time tomorrow to finish this chat?” I can decide not to wake her anymore, etc. If I focus on my own actions, instead of theirs, it’s a lot less stressful.

      Yes, you can!!!!

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