Example to follow

I work at a college, and not too long ago one of our faculty received a “Professor of the Year” award—and deservedly so. He is one of our most loved and respected teachers, and when I read about the award, a couple of the student testimonials jumped out at me:

“As I discussed the difficulties I was having with my project, he never once supplied a solution. Instead, he provided points to consider, and questioned me until I figured out the next steps in the process for myself. Although I was only just beginning my training, I felt respected for my talents and ideas.”

And this one:

“He realized the team had the potential to take on the larger challenge. Unfortunately, many of us were initially stubborn and somewhat lazy about following his insightful guidance. He reacted with an innovative leadership style. Rather than imposing a greater level of control over the team, he took a step back and simply waited to see how we would respond to his challenge. By doing this, he empowered us to think through each of these challenges and struggle to solve the problems in front of us. He basically forced us to step up to the plate, think critically, and become independent thinkers, all while providing us with a supportive environment. He did this by asking critical questions, framing the key issues in a provocative way and requiring us to work through them. Having been in this situation with him, I was able to grow in my confidence, tackle great obstacles, and push the boundaries of my knowledge.”

Respected, empowered, independent, supportive, confidence—when my girls talk about me ten years from now, I hope they use even one of these words.

Don’t make them wait for college. Start now. Be your child’s teacher-of-the-year.

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One Comment on “Example to follow”

  1. cindypierce Says:

    This is such a great example of where we are aiming to be as parents. What a great professor he MUST be to create that kind of learning environment.

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