Masters of the morning

Remember that first week when Charlotte threatened to punch me in the nose because her lunch wasn’t made? I do. But it seems almost like a dream now. Because now is so radically different.

Now she makes her own lunch, every day. Now she keeps track of her own stuff. Now she decides when to go to bed and when to get up and how often to shower and what to wear and what and how much to eat for breakfast. Now she chooses to take the bus to school with Ellen instead of getting a ride with me.

Now, in the morning, I don’t even see her …

… except if I listen for the sound of the door and then look out my window, then I might catch a glimpse:

Charlotte and Ellen walking to the bus
So I don’t see Ellen in the morning either. To catch the bus, they have to leave the house at 6:50am. At 6:50am, I’m still upstairs getting dressed for work. Sometimes I’ll call down, “Bye! Have a good day!” And that’s it. End of morning routine.

This has been going on for over a month. They have a whole system worked out that I don’t know the half of. Ellen sets up her iHome in the bathroom to play a certain song so she can make sure she’s out of the shower by the time the song ends. If one of them oversleeps, the other one wakes her up. They’ve discovered they both like to get up extra early to have time to eat, finish homework, or just “chillax.”

Their sense of accomplishment is palpable. I’m guessing it’s part of what has lead Charlotte lately to say this for her self-appreciation at family meeting:

Me: for beaing Awsom

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2 Comments on “Masters of the morning”

  1. cindypierce Says:

    That is such a triumph!! It is key to be reminded to look back and appreciate what it once was before Vicki landed in our lives. So much more family joy because the kids are in charge of their lives. I love the song system for timing. Clever girl.

  2. Slawebb Says:

    Flockmother you and your family are AWESOME!! This is such an inspiration to me! I just wish I could get it together like that! I’ve been doing the program for 3+ years and I still interfere. Thanks for the inspiration!

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