Wake-up call

Waiting for a meeting to begin, I made small talk with a couple of women I’d just met. We were commenting on the benefits of walking to work. One of the women said, “After waking my kids up in the morning and getting them out of bed, then getting them going with breakfast and all the stuff they need for the day, I need a walk just to de-stress!”

“How old are you kids?” I asked.

She said, “One will be a junior in high school and the other’s leaving for college in the fall.”

O-M-G. I managed to suppress my reaction, but on the inside my mouth was hanging open and my eyes bugging out. Thank you, thank you, thank you Parenting on Track. Because in five years, without the help of this program, that would be me sending my kids out in the world without the slightest idea of how to manage their own lives.

Those poor kids.

So the next day, when the conversation below happened with Charlotte, I was ready:

Charlotte at karate“Mom! I’m late for karate camp again! When you wake me up, you can’t just do it so my eyes are only a little bit open because then I just go back to sleep! When I use my alarm clock for school, it works because I keep hitting snooze until my brain is totally awake and ready to get up.”

“Oh, hmm. Well, I offered to do it for summer camp just as a special favor, but I think I’m just not a very good waker-upper … I should stop doing it anyway because this is the time for you to practice for when you’re out in the world without me around to wake you up.”

“Yeah, ‘cause Mom then I’ll probably be using an alarm clock!”

Her tone implied the “Duh!” that I added in my own head. I mean, after all this time, how could I have not seen this coming?!

Because sure enough, the next day—as soon as I stopped interfering—she figured out how to be on time for camp.

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One Comment on “Wake-up call”

  1. Valorie from CT Says:

    Laughing in recognition of both sets of conversations! I appreciate the composure it must’ve taken to not have your mouth hanging open with the mother of soon-to-be college student. Love the “I’m not a very good waker up-er….”.

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