Quotables, cont.

Fenner, age 15:

dollar“I hate when my friends get whatever they want from their parents. To spend my money I know I have to really want it. If I don’t really want it I don’t get it. My friends don’t take care of their things because their parents will just buy them another one. I’m really thankful when you buy me things because it hardly ever happens! And when their parents pay for birthday presents, I’m like, ‘So your mom paid for that?’ And it doesn’t mean as much. I spend my own money on my friends.”

Ellen, age 12:

“Mom, yesterday my friend was like, ‘You mean your mom doesn’t make your lunch?!’


‘She doesn’t pack your bag?!’


‘She doesn’t wake you up in the morning?!’


‘She doesn’t make you breakfast?!’


‘She doesn’t care what you wear?!’


Me: “Do you envy her that her mom does all that?”

“No! It feels like her mom’s all in her business!”

Charlotte, age 10:

“Some parents don’t let little kids, like me, use sharp knives, or the oven, or the microwave. You know what that’s like? That’s like saying your kid doesn’t have a brain.”

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7 Comments on “Quotables, cont.”

  1. cindypierce Says:

    “…all in her business!” That summarizes the whole thing. Great quotes and great examples of years of working towards the understanding of money and taking care of our OWN business. Thanks so much for sharing. I will be sharing this with my kids.

  2. Slawebb Says:

    I cannot love this enough!! We as parents think we are helping. But our kids just think we’re “…all in [their] business.” Love it!

    My oldest (10 dd) has commented several times about how glad she is that we have an open relationship and she can talk to me about stuff, knowing she’s not going to get a lecture or in trouble. Most of her friends don’t have that. Also my kids love having the freedom to spend their own money the way they want.

  3. dawnfriedland Says:

    I have read every post from the beginning. Your journey inspired me to buy the Parenting on Track program and start changing my relationship with my kids. Thank you for sharing your experience. BTW – it also inspired me to start my own blog (http://slow-and-steady-wins.blogspot.com).

    • flockmother Says:

      The inspiration flows both ways – thank you! Keep spreading the word about this parenting philosophy. As you know it makes a significant impact on people’s lives — potentially for generations to come!

  4. […] you’d like to read more from @flockmother, you can read her journey here: 12 1/2 Weeks: Parenting On Track- One Family’s Story.  If you’d like to learn more about the Parenting On Track Home Program, click here. (PS We […]

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