Dear _____

Recently, I took a “Leadership Workshop for Girls and Moms” offered by my friend and fellow Parenting-On-Track-er, Cindy Pierce. Since it was for middle school girls, only my 7th-grader, Ellen, was eligible to attend with me. One of the exercises Cindy had us do was write a letter about our hopes and appreciations for each other. For each letter she provided some structure (italics) and had us fill in the blanks. Since I know my Parenting-On-Track training greatly influenced my letter, I wanted to share it with you.

Ellen-airportAnd if anyone reading this is concerned that my parenting style could result in children who feel alone and abandoned, perhaps Ellen’s letter will provide some reassurance (published with permission):

Dear Mother,

I appreciate that you are always there for me when I need help, and you always listen to what I want and let me choose my own life.

I am proud of you for accepting the mess I give you.

Without you I would not have an outlet for stress and probably would become a homeless person, and because of you I will always have a place to go.

My greatest hope for you is that you find a good place to retire.

Love, Ellen

Dear Daughter,

I hope that you grow up to be your own best friend, loving and trusting yourself.

I want you to experience both success AND failure, and to always have confidence that you will figure things out.

I know you will learn to know what’s in your own heart and will also build the courage to stay true to yourself and say what you need in relationships.

My greatest hope for you is that your love and respect for yourself will guide you in your continued love and respect for others and be the foundation for a life full of intentional courage.

Love, Mom

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6 Comments on “Dear _____”

  1. Cindy Pierce Says:

    Beautiful letters! What a girl, and what a mom!! Thank you both for sharing.

  2. Slawebb Says:

    Love this! It’s amazing how letting go of our kids brings them closer. Flockmother, you inspire me in so many ways. The courage you bring to the table is amazing. The courage you inspire you kids with is fabulous. Thank you for posting all the things you have, it really helps me.

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