Walking the walk … of trust

“I indicated that I would not be signing homework logs or reading logs and that I would be giving my child permission to sign my name. And then I told the teacher why. And I was clear about this. I went back to my original statement – I am raising a thinking child and I have no intention of interfering with their thinking by lecturing, nagging, reminding, scolding, bribing or saving them from their first chance at investing in their own educational success. Homework I stated was between the teacher and my child and if there were consequences for not turning in homework I expected the teacher to dole them out to my child. I would support the teacher unless humiliation was involved in the consequence.” —Vicki Hoefle

Last year I said something similar to Charlotte’s 5th grade teacher and after the initial shock wore off, he said, “All right then, I guess we’ll give it a try.”

Later, at a parent conference he remarked, “I must say that the other day Charlotte hadn’t signed her reading log and when I pointed it out she said, ‘Oh…well…I forgot to do my reading last night.’ So, what do you know? It’s working!”

This year, I wrote the following note. Charlotte happily took it to school…

Reading Contract

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5 Comments on “Walking the walk … of trust”

  1. Cora Says:

    I so needed this! I’ve been struggling with exactly this scenario. I want to give my children the opportunity to be that thinking child. I was raised nagged, bribed, scolded and all of the things I don’t want to do but find myself doing. Thanks for giving me another way of doing!

  2. Lori Says:

    I am familiar with the looks and raised eyebrows around every aspect of this parenting style-from homework to getting to school on time to making her own lunch. Not one parent has said-oh, me too! I look forward to your posts so I don’t feel nuts.

    • flockmother Says:

      It’s true. We are swimming upstream for sure. (My daughter’s friend said to her just the other day, “Your mom’s rules are the weirdest thing I ever heard.”) But all that swimming pays off, I promise!

  3. Andre Says:

    I like the concept.

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