Quotables 3

First post in a long time … here’s a glimpse of our continued progress:

  • “I thought about just staying home, but last time I skipped school on purpose, it was really hard to catch up.”
  • “I figured out if I do jumping jacks when I first get up then I won’t go back to sleep.”
  • “That’s because I’m smarter than you, mom.”
  • “Ok mom, if you won’t tell me ‘no,’ then I’ll use my frontal lobe to tell myself ‘no.'”
  • “My friends say our bathroom is disgusting. We need to fix this!”
  • “Well that was a fail. Oh, well, live and learn!”
  • “Mom, what would you do without me?”
  • “Mom, it was better before you fiddle-fuddled with it!”
  • “I hate when I need help with a little thing and then I got it and then they keep helping me even though I don’t want any more help…it’s like, just answer my question and then stop.”
  • “You don’t have to go to school, but it’s a good idea.”
  • “After that, I still have like $450 left!”
  • “I have a plan for my new phone — at bedtime I’ll plug it in all the way across the room so I don’t look at it … that’ll work for me.”
  • “They should do a show about us. We have the best family!”
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One Comment on “Quotables 3”

  1. Elizabeth Mayor Says:

    Love these!!!!!!’

    Sent from my iPad


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