You know you’re a Parenting-On-Track family when you hear:

  • “Mom, come on! Let’s go! I don’t want to be late for school!”
  • “She’s not willing to clean the sink, so I’m going to do it for her. Can I use the yellow sponge?”
  • “I found out that when I’m left alone, I like to clean. We cleaned the kitchen, now we’re going to clean the house.”
  • “Ok, if you’re willing to play Frisbee later, then I’ll get my work done now.”
  • (As I started to give advice): “Mom, please don’t. I’m so tired of people telling me how to do stuff all day at school.”
  • “I have a problem. I haven’t been getting to bed on time lately. I think if I go to bed too late there should be a consequence.”
  • “Mom, stop staring at me like you know I’m about to figure this out.”
  • “Hey, if I act calm, I become calm.”
  • “If you never let us get hurt, we won’t have any good experiences.”
  • “Mom, I appreciate your self-control when we fight.”
  • “I hate when my friends don’t know how to do anything!”
  • “The more I save, the more I lose. If I count up all the money I’ve lost, it’s like $100!”
  • “I want one, but I don’t want to use my savings.”
  • “Mom, please go away. You slow us down.”
  • “I hate showering. It’s such a pain. But if I go a long time without it, then people really notice when I do shower and I want to die of embarrassment because then I know that they know that I haven’t showered in a long time. Ugh. The only reason I keep any hair on my head is because it’s fun to have when it’s clean!”
  • “I take pride in having a mom who doesn’t tell me what to do.”
  • “My family is awesome.”

The girls at Halloween

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10 Comments on “Quotables”

  1. Cindy Pierce Says:

    Inspiring!! The shower one is HILARIOUS. I also LOVE, “Mom, stop staring at me like you know I’m about to figure this out.” I need to do that more. DUCT TAPE!!

  2. Elizabeth Mayor Says:

    These are amazing. They brought tears.

  3. Does this really happen? Wow.

  4. Tia Says:

    I just read Vicky’s book. I have a 9 year old son, a 7 year old daughter and a 3 year old daughter. I just had to write a comment because your blog has been amazing to read! Really its so nice to hear a real life journey is this whole thing. I have felt a little out of control for a while now and read every parenting book out there but this one had struck me more than any other i have read! My oldest two fight so much its unbearable at times i mean really really bad. My 9 year old is the pester he just can’t stop and sometimes i think he’s here to drive me so completely insane. Its helped to read your stories and so thankyou for writing them all down!!! I haven’t gotten the courage to do the do nothing say nothing challenge (that should tell me something right there) its hard cause sometimes i think a clean house is my only source of sanity and im scared if I lose that i might lose everything 🙂 Im planning on doing it when my husband goes out of town at the end of the month! Anyway i can hear myself saying the exact same things you have said so it helps to hear someone going through the same! Thank you again I really appreciate your blog. Its my new reference 🙂

    • flockmother Says:

      Thanks so much for writing! I’m honored to serve as a reference for you. It’s been quite a ride for us (still going). Funny you mention a clean house. That’s one of my biggest remaining challenges — putting my relationship with my kids ahead of my desire for a consistently clean house. Unfortunately, learning and growing is messy business! TRY to let it go completely for at least that one week. I promise you’ll never forget it or regret it. Hang in there.

  5. […] Now, on to the GOOD STUFF.  Shared with Permission From the Post, Quotables: […]

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